TTNA Recognized Teachers: 

Calgary:                        Linda Terra, R.T.  Ph: 403-238-3734

                                         Teaches Therapeutic Touch® Foundations course


                                      Joy Pethridge Baxter, R.T. Ph:403-329-6615,  E-mail:

                                         Teaches Therapeutic Touch Foundations, Transpersonal, and Inner Processes                                    

Sherwood Park:             Chery Ann Hoffmeyer,PH.D. QTTT, R.T.  Ph: 780-467-8701,                                                                                                                                       E

                                         Teaches Therapeutic Touch Foundations, Transpersonal and Inner Processes

TTNA Recognized Practitioners: 

Calgary:                          Linda Terra, R.T.           Ph: 403-238-3734


                                       Karen Komanac, R.P.   E-mail:, 404-242-8807

                                       D. Kroeger, R.P.            Ph: 403-243-7432


Lethbridge:                    Joy Pethbridge Baxter, R.T.  Ph: 403-329-6615,  E-mail:


Sherwood Park:             Chery Ann Hoffmeyer, PH.D., QTTT,   Ph: 780-467-8701,                                                                              E-mail:    


Vulcan:                           Betty Whitney, B.S.R., O.T.(R),  R.P. Ph: 403-652-8285


- It is the policy of the TTNA to recommend as Recognized Practitioners only those who have:

  • Successfully completed all three Therapeutic Touch ® courses and fulfilled other requirements as established by the TTNA

  • Practiced Therapeutic Touch® for a minimum of 2 years following completion of the required courses

  • Accepted and signed the TTNA Statement of Ethics and Conduct